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Visual Effects Pricing Guide
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Chroma Keying
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Basic: From £50

Detailed: From £100
Motion Tracking
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Basic: From £100

Detailed: From £250
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Basic: From £100

Detailed: From £160

Due to the nature of creative services, the pricing guide will not encompass the detail required for individual projects. Prices are based on an average project and are intended to give you an immediate idea of average cost. Project specific information will determine the quote for each project.

Visual Effects

• Motion Tracking
• Compositing & Rotoscoping
• Colour Grading
• Particle Effects
• Keying with Green/Blue screen

Conceive Incredible Imagery

Media Monkee excels in visual effects, including particle effects and animations that interact with live action. We can create incredible results, not possible during the original recording, by modifying colour, contrast and many other variables (including tracking text, keying a spokesperson shot on green screen or compositing 3D animated objects)

Smart Kage Animation HidnSeek Promo Video UFO Stealing Sheep Super girl Meteor

Why Visual Effects?

Visual Effects (shortened to VFX) is the process of creating or manipulating imagery outside of the context of a live action shot, to create environments which look realistic. Frequently these effects could be dangerous, expensive, impractical or simply impossible to capture on video. Media Monkee can shoot and create the desired effects you need for your video. If you have video footage that requires manipulation, simply upload it to, copy and paste the link into the email form on the contact page along with the details of your project and together we’ll explore the options.