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Animation Pricing Guide
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Lip Sync
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Basic: From £600

Detailed: From £1,000
2D Animated TV Commercial
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From £1,500
3D Animated TV Commercial
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From £3,000
Stop-Motion/ Claymation TV Commercial
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From £6,000

Due to the nature of creative services, the pricing guide will not encompass the detail required for individual projects. Prices are based on an average project and are intended to give you an immediate idea of average cost. Project specific information will determine the quote for each project.


• Stop Motion Animation
• Claymation
• Character Animation
• 3D animated Scenery
• 2D/3D Animation

You imagine. We create.

As an animation company, Media Monkee has many years experience in all forms of animation including stop-motion, claymation, 2D and 3D computer generated imagery (CGI). Animation enhances websites and is known to hold site visitors on the page longer. Why not let Media Monkee boost your email marketing campaign with eye-catching animations or enrapture your audience at events with animations displayed on large screens or projectors. Media Monkee can also animate your T.V Adverts and programmes/ shows. Because of its surreal nature Animation grabs audience attention and has higher impact than video alone. If you can imagine it, Media Monkee can create it.

Strickland Tilt coupler Creagh - Rapidres FP McCann - StormBrake Quantum Group NI - AquaTank Sika - SikaFibre Reinforced Concrete Fp McCann - StormStore Demo CCGHT Demo Plazdic - Stop Motion Canned Commerical Zombies

Why Animation?

Animation is the process of creating images in a rapid sequence that minimally differ from each other, creating the illusion of motion. Animation can be used to illustrate a concept and effectively deliver a story. Combine Animation with Video to help your Audience visualise your brand message to strong effect. The possibilities are endless... We can create an animated character as your company spokesperson, depict the complex workings of a product or the inside of the human body, fly through the solid steel of a car engine into the cylinders and pistons, do an extreme zoom from outer space down to an atomic nucleus... It’s all possible.