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Video Pricing Guide
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Camera Operator £350 per day
Video Editor £200 per day
Website/App Video
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Basic: From £200

Detailed: From £500
Promotional Video
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Basic: From £500

Detailed: From £1,500
Corporate Video
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Basic: From £1,000

Detailed: From £2,000
TV Commercial
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Basic: From £2,000

Detailed: From £10,000
Event Video
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Basic: From £500

Detailed: From £6,000

Due to the nature of creative services, the pricing guide will not encompass the detail required for individual projects. Prices are based on an average project and are intended to give you an immediate idea of average cost. Project specific information will determine the quote for each project.

Video Production

• TV Adverts
• Promotional Videos
• Corporate Videos
• Viral Internet Videos
• Event Videography

From brainstorm to final edit.

Need a TV advert or Promotional Video? Media Monkee is a video production company that provides a full range of video services including corporate videos, promotional videos, viral internet videos, TV adverts, event videography and more... From brainstorming and storyboards, to shooting and editing the finished product, Media Monkee combines all the elements needed to complete the project. Even Hollywood quality motion graphics and animations are an option without ever having to outsource. We’ll keep our communication tight, costs manageable and the project firmly on schedule. If you just need a shooter or editor for your video project - no problem.

ISG/ FP McCann - Precast Concrete Construction Q Radio Promotional Video Maxol Moreish Promotional Video Sika Watertight Concrete System Strickland S-Lock Coupler HidnSeek Promo Video Niamh Dunne - Beauty of Limerick Rapparees - Promo video Part 4 Rapparees live - Belfast Mountains

Why use Video?

Over thousands of years we’ve developed a natural attraction to peripheral motion. Movement grabs attention! It’s hard-wired in us all to read faces for information and believability. Emotions and body language engage you in a way text can’t - they make you feel connected. And adding the simple sound of a human voice has an amazing way of converting your message to meaningful content.
Ever read a section of text and realise that you’ve lost your train of thought?