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Use Animation to Get your Brand Noticed

Animation-plazdicAnimation is an extremely effective tool to use when telling potential consumers about your brand.

Whether you want a memorable ‘explainer’ animated video that conveys your business values to a client or a quirky cartoon that will get shared across social media thereby promoting brand awareness, animation can serve to showcase the company’s personality and in turn develop trust and a connection with your target audience.

What’s more, people normally tend to associate animation with enjoyment and fun so it can automatically enhance positive opinions to your product or service.

Here are a few ways animation can get your brand noticed for all the right reasons:

Statistics clearly show that a majority of consumers would prefer to learn about a brand through an engaging animated film than read a page of text.

By making smart decisions on tailoring your animation to appeal to your target audience, you can introduce your brand to a whole new customer base.

And because your video is animated, imagination and creativity knows no limits.

Emotional Connection
Animation is great for enticing emotions amongst viewers and getting them on board with your brand’s values.

Maybe you want to be associated as humorous and fun-loving or reliable and trust-worthy – whatever the desired outcome, the power of animation in developing your image should not be underestimated.

Can Make Boring Details Entertaining
Animation is a fantastic way to make even the most boring of products appear interesting to consumers.

If other forms of marketing fall flat, then inject life to a marketing strategy and get your message out there with colour, a clever script and an unforgettable character.

Increase Conversions
Animation can be instrumental in attracting a loyal customer following and animated videos make for quick, easy shares on social network sites so your brand message is spread from potential new customer to potential new customer for free. This in turn can generate more leads and dramatically increase conversions.

As an animation company, Media Monkee has many years experience in all forms of animation including stop-motion, claymation, 2D and 3D computer generated imagery (CGI). If you can imagine it, Media Monkee can create it. We keep the communication tight, costs manageable and the project on schedule.

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5 Tips for making a great corporate video

Citybeat-corporate-videoThink corporate video and you could be forgiven for automatically thinking ‘boring’ or ‘mundane’.

But this does not have to be the case. With a solid plan of action, the right content and a top quality video producer, your company can create an engaging video that enhances your relationship with customers, showcases your brand in a memorable manner and entices potential prospects.

If you are struggling with bringing your corporate video to reality, here are 5 top tips to help you get started:

1. Identify your target audience
It is of vital importance to identify who you are targeting with your corporate video. Spend sufficient time researching your desired audience and you will reap the benefits. When you establish a clear picture of your target audience demographics, you can effectively tailor your video to meet their tastes. For example, if you are aiming to engage young twenty-something year olds, your corporate video needs to speak their language and make reference to their lifestyle.

2. Get planning
The various stages of bringing a corporate video to life - from brainstorming, storyboards, script-writing, sourcing actors to shooting and editing - can be overwhelming. But a clear plan of action with defined steps and deadlines will simplify the entire process and produce a more polished end-result. Put together a team and delegate areas of responsibility to each person. Have regular team meetings to keep the project on track and identify any problem areas in plenty of time.

3. Be Creative
Telling an interesting and engaging story is the key feature to any corporate video. If you want your video to have an impact and get views & shares, you need to get creative. Steer clear of charts and spreadsheets and instead, capture your audience with a lively, energetic story that entertains as well as getting your message across. Video captures emotion better than any other medium so use this to your advantage.

4. Have personality
A lot of corporate videos are seriously lacking in the personality department. This makes no sense when you think that the most successful brands on the market aren’t just about the product but also focus on developing a personality and associating their brand with a way of life. If your company has found a certain style and voice that audiences immediately recognise, don’t be afraid to let this personality shine through in the production of your corporate video. Viewers will relate to your business if they feel a connection.

5. Get Social
We hate to point out the obvious, but social media is one of the most influential marketing tools in the world we live in today. When your corporate video has been signed off and is ready for release, it’s time to get sharing. Post the video to your company website, on Youtube and Vimeo. Send it to clients and prospects on your email list, link to it on your Twitter and Facebook accounts, share it with your LinkedIn connections...the list goes on but the end goal is to get it out there through all the popular avenues of social media.

Media Monkee is a video production company that provides a full range of video services including corporate videos. From brainstorming and storyboards, to shooting and editing the finished product, Media Monkee combines all the elements needed to complete the project. We keep the communication tight, costs manageable and the project on schedule.

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