Media Monkee is a large media design house in a small package.

Roy FergusonPerish the ThawedHi, I'm Roy Ferguson, Director of Media Monkee and I have gained a high level of expertise in practically all areas of design and media throughout my career.

Growing up in Northern Ireland, I learned that I have a flair for Sculpting, Painting and Graphic Design. In my teens I discovered Animation and loved it. I specialised in Animation at the University of Ulster and graduated with a BA Honours Degree in Visual Communication.

On the set of  HFR

For several years I was employed in a Film company on the east coast of the United States as an Animator, gaining experience in Video Editing, Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. I was fortunate to get a lot of pre-production experience, both on location and in the studio. I then expanded my skill set as a Multimedia Designer, at a prestigious event marketing company, gaining valuable experience in Drawing and 3D Modeling for products and sets. Additionally this permitted me to hone my skills in Video Editing, Motion Graphics and Animation.

George ForemanMy adventures in the U.S gave me the opportunity to work on projects for a broad range of globally renowned clients including Activision, Pepsi, TD Bank, P&G (Gillette), Verizon, Walmart, Kraft, Westfield, DelMonte, HP, Discovery, Diageo, George Foreman, JC Whitney, Nutrophy, Porsche, Subaru, Wallbangers and Revitacel.

Media MonkeeReturning to Ireland with my family almost a decade later, I was armed with a full arsenal of multi-media skills and a hunger for more job variety... Media Monkee was born. The company aim is to provide the experience of a large media design house in a small efficient company. Each project is given unrivalled personal attention, enabling Media Monkee to compete with businesses 10 times the size. Media Monkee is also scalable to the size of your media project and will handpick a specialised crew for larger tasks. From a single shooter to a full film crew, Media Monkee will bring a creative and professional approach to your business at an affordable price.