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Motion Graphics Pricing Guide
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2D Animated Title
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Basic: From £30

Detailed: From £150
3D Animated Title
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Basic: From £50

Detailed: From £250
Animated Logo
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2D logo: From £100

3D logo: From £300
TV Commercial
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From £1,000

Due to the nature of creative services, the pricing guide will not encompass the detail required for individual projects. Prices are based on an average project and are intended to give you an immediate idea of average cost. Project specific information will determine the quote for each project.

Motion Graphics

• Website Animations
• Morphing/ Animated Logos
• Video Titles
• TV Advertisements

Moving Art.

As a multimedia company, motion graphics forms a vital part of almost all videos we work on and are frequently used as an alternative to video. Using motion graphics, Media Monkee can enhance your video or transform your message into moving art, with stunning results. Improve your message with simple animated graphics, 3D text flying/ tracking on-screen, morphing or exploding animated logos, animated titles, sports segments and game show intros. We can even create a full TV Commercial using only motion graphics.

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Why Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics is simply the use of animation to create motion. Motion graphics is not only a powerful stand-alone tool, but when combined with video it can help to break up segments, reinforce advertising messages and keep the viewer engaged. Imagine looking at your printed advert, except it moves!
Motion Graphics is widely used and is often combined with audio e.g. your local TV news uses Motion Graphics in the opening sequence, and to introduce segments. Sports Channels and live sports games use Motion Graphics when viewing a replay.